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Are Light EV’s the Future of Innovative Australian Industry? – Emax Electrics

Are Light EV’s the Future of Innovative Australian Industry?

With the decline in manufacturing in Australia many are looking towards new industries where our talent pool can be utilised. Two products have recently struck our attention and we have been happy to be involved with both projects. The first is Krankie, a locally produced cargo bike set-up for electrification. The second is Fliteboard, which a radical new watercraft which efficiently ‘flies’ over the water potentially opening up many new marine-based recreational environments.

We were lucky to meet Andrew from Krankie around 18 months ago who is also a Sydney local. At that stage he was in the early stages of design and we had some chats about materials, production and how he might go about producing the framesets. With its unique suspended and tilting front end we hope to see many more Krankies on our streets and cycleways! As a heads-up we rode the first prototypes and they blow the competition out of the water!

The Krankie are designed for the Lekkie Summit Mid-Drive system with a rear hub motor option also available. All products are provided by local Sydney-run companies.


You can find more info about Krankie on their website or facebook page.



Around a year ago we got contacted by David the founder of Fliteboard to provide some batteries for his test boards. We thought it was a crazy idea but did what we could anyway. Fast forward almost 12 months and many hours of design and testing and Fliteboard is getting ready for production with pre-orders starting on the 27th of March.


The media these guys are producing is absolutely amazing, and we believe this will be a success not only because its unique and eye-catching but also because it represents the very best in Australian design and innovation. All details will be released on the website on the 27th. We are very excited about the state-of-art battery designed by us in collaboration with other project consultants. We would love to tell you more but need to wait for release! Be sure to keep an eye on the website, facebook page or Instagram account!

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