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Bruno’s Latest Video – Battery Building Updates – Emax Electrics

Bruno’s Latest Video – Battery Building Updates

Bruno has been working for us for nearly 3 years now! He also started part time work with Batrium (we are stoked about this) in Newcastle who we have some exciting developments lined up with, notably bringing some reliability to the BMS systems of light lithium batteries. Batrium specialise in topological BMS (multiple PCB). The BMS’s in bikes and other small lithium batteries are centralised meaning one PCB with balance leads ensures all battery series stay in balance.

Battery building and repairs has been temporarily located in Bruno’s workshop which can be seen in the video. Recently we have started conformal coating our PCB’s and cell terminations leading to more reliable and safer batteries.

One thought on “Bruno’s Latest Video – Battery Building Updates”

  • Bruno, I want to work (for Free) with you, looks amazing your lab and I am idle, a pre -retired technician.

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