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Emax Retail Premises in Alexandria – Emax Electrics

Emax Retail Premises in Alexandria

Emax Alexandria is no longer operational

Late last year we made the decision to close doors at our Alexandria premises where we offered retail services to customers who wanted custom work done on electric bikes and batteries. We were in this position for 3 years and during that time we had to deal with rent increases alongside significant construction projects which affected the access to the building. We made the decision that it was no longer efficient and cost effective to run out of this location particularly considering it was also difficult for customers to access us at certain times. We have had a great journey learning the in’s and outs of supplying and supporting our products. Websites were built and shut-down, parts that were out of stock were sold by accident, batteries were rebuilt at a great cost to the business…all in all we learnt so much. We are very grateful for the relationships we forged.

In the bike scene we are still very active. Our product from now on will be pushed out under the ‘Lekkie’ brand name which is expanding its offerings. Our main aim here is supporting the dealer network and providing readily available parts and accessories to customers via Ecommerce.

Moving forward our primary areas of focus are wholesale supply and product research and development. We have seen the electric bike market become very crowded with both startups and established corporations hence we are broadening our focus to ‘light electric transport’ in particular the refinement of lightweight lithium batteries. We have several exciting projects in this space which we are looking forward to sharing soon. We are currently in talks about securing a larger facility in Sydney’s South which will be ideal for our logistical hub as well as a battery production and research workshop. We are aware that the ebikes make up a small part of the electric future and there are many other emerging industries that can benefit from from the work we have done.

Please accept our apologies if we have not gotten back to you right away during this period. We also had our webserver (and backup) attacked and are doing everything we can to rebuild and get back online. Thankyou for your patience.

9 thoughts on “Emax Retail Premises in Alexandria

  • Good luck finding a new site guys, I’ll see you about a bike or kit sometime soon when I have the $$$ and time.

  • Great to hear from you. Also the direction you’re going. Will send you an email on my news.
    Thanks for your friendship and the great bike.
    Focusing on the prime difference between you and others and creating and expanding your own product or service is a winner. Thirty years ago I did that. Focused on what others couldn’t see. Those that were ho hum about a very unusual service were in the queue for part of my action when things fired. Dog walking (Five full time contractors) Home pet boarding,.. no need to board. Home live in with or without pets, Pet Taxi…..Groomers airports… Film work with animals
    Pet training, Speciality food supplies, Veterinary visits for clients pets. Shipment of pets worldwide and my greatest… A council approved cattery in Alexandria. Countless magazine newspaper and TV … Free spots and stories….. My business PETCARE was in demand and the success came after the location , marketing of specific services to vets and others who at first had negative attitudes and of course location.
    Not hard to see you will do well now the focus allows time away from public view and the demands that go with it.
    I wish you well and really happy to have had the support when I needed it.
    The CATMAN
    Est 1987
    Movin’ on 2018

    • Hi Catty

      Great to hear from you also. Thanks for the positive words and good to hear about your experience in small business. The Edi bike you have we are happy to service and fix if / when required, we will be around. 🙂

  • Hope to business again. You services where much better than any other bike shop. Hope to see emax up and running again soon.

    • Hi Glen. Thanks so much. While we don’t strictly have a bike focus moving forward we are more than happy to help existing customers solve problems. Cheers

  • Have just made another purchase from Emax. Got myself a new true motion hypersonic dual suspension from Ewan. Nothing but great service and advice as usual unreal bike am stoked.

    Thanks again Emax

    • Thanks Paul its no problems, I’ll get my dually ebike going and we can go for a run somewhere in the Illawarra.

  • I purchase a mid drive conversion kit from Electric Bike Centre on Qld. Sunshine Cost 12 months ago. I am very happy with the 250 watt motor with 36v x 17 amp system. I am considering purchasing a spare 10amp battery
    to increase my touring range. As Electric Bike Centre no longer exists can you advise if there is a dealer in South East Qld. I can contact.

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